Mortgage Process

How to Get a Mortgage?

It is very important to research your mortgage company before dealing with them. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you feel necessary and if anything strikes you as odd make sure you comment on it.  Make sure you ask for references from satisfied customers.

Your REALTOR® can provide you information on lenders that have success in closing their loans on time and provided service to their clients.  There are several ways to secure a mortgage. You can get one directly by working with a mortgage banker or you can go to a bank, credit union or savings and loan. A CENTURY 21 Larry Miller real estate agent can help connect you with a reputable mortgage lender.

Many home buyers choose to arrange financing before shopping for a home and most lenders will “pre-qualify” them for a certain amount. Pre-qualification helps buyers to focus on homes that fit your plans and budget. Nothing is more disheartening for buyers or sellers than a deal that falls through due to a lack of financing. This is a very important “first step” before shopping for your home.