What will happen at your closing?

Timeline and Paperwork …


The closing meeting with an attorney is where ownership of the home is officially transferred from the seller to you. Most of the people involved with the purchase of your home will attend your loan closing. The closing is a formal meeting typically attended by the buyer and the seller, both real estate sales professionals, a representative of the lender, and in Georgia the closing attorney.

First, the closing attorney reviews the settlement sheet  (HUD 1) with you and the seller and answers any questions. Both you and the seller sign the settlement sheet.

Then, the closing attorney asks you to sign the other loan documents.  Evidence of required insurance and inspections is also presented (if it wasn’t previously given to the lender).

After that, if everyone agrees that the papers are in order, the buyer submits payment to cover the closing. If the lender will be paying your annual property taxes and homeowners’ insurance for you, a new escrow account (or reserve) is established at this point.


Finally (here’s the best part) you receive the keys to your new home!

After the meeting, the closing attorney officially records the mortgage and deed at your local government clerk’s office or registry of deeds. This legal transfer of the property may take a few days after closing. The closing attorney usually will disburse the funds to everyone who is owed money from the sale (including the seller, real estate professionals, and the lender) at the conclusion of the closing meeting. It is important that the deed is recorded.


Our goal is to assist to through the closing and beyond.